MAY 2016 - 3 Days



| My instructions were vague but clear - drive to the center of Italy, ask about the town, and if possible ascend the mountain ... so I did just that |


"Drive into town and see if anyone knows anything about the mountain" - Words that were at the forefront of my mind as I walked up to my soon-to-be guide to this amazing place.

The town was called Antrodoco, a small roman castrum town situated between three mountains in central Italy. To the south, Rocca - a fortified, unconquerable Anjou outpost & to the northeast, Monte Giano exhibiting the letters DVX spelled out in over 20,000 pine trees. I had been sent here to conduct research on the preceding items,  the only obstacle being both my client and I knew very little regarding who to contact regarding gaining information or how to gain access to the DVX plantation. So our plan became simply to just "ask around".