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C|H Block Table



C|H Block Table

Project Team: Ken Filler, Gabriel Maslen, Austin Raimond

The Project:

C|H Block Table was a three man, weekend long, design build project. Construction itself took place in three locations over the course of 48 hours. The most complex stage: the cutting, assembling, and glueing the butcher block table, was done at an Artist's studio outside of Baltimore.

Design Concept:

Bound by limited space in the client's apartment the table needed to be long and narrow. The total height also need to match that of the adjacent kitchen surface. To minimize cost the team went the route of purchasing reclaimed wood from a local warehouse. While selecting the wood we arrived at the decision to use darker Cherry and Douglas for the base elements and a series of lighter Maple 2x4's which would make up the butcher block top. We felt this would contrasted the weight of the table top balancing our the heaviest element with the lightest material. Once assembled the table was given three coats of wood oil to bring out each type of wood's distinct color.